Affiliate Marketing 101, everything you need to know

04-12-2023 - Blogs

What is affiliate marketing?

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is not something new, and have been around for a long time – but stands out as a way to make a passive income source, that require close to no attention, once its up and running!.

We will help you find your way through the complicated world of affiliate marketing. And will try to explain what it is, the many benefits it offers, and how you can leverage expired domain names to your advantage.

So the question is now, what is affliate martketing? Affiliate marketing is a performance-based advertising strategy where businesses pay external partners, known as affiliates, a commission for directing traffic or sales to their products or services. Typically, affiliates promote the products through various channels such as websites, blogs, social media, or email marketing campaigns, using a unique link to track their efforts. When a consumer clicks on this link and makes a purchase or completes a desired action, the affiliate earns a predetermined percentage of the sale or a fixed amount as a reward.

What is affiliate marketing?

This mutually beneficial arrangement allows businesses to expand their marketing reach without upfront advertising costs, as they only pay for successful transactions. For affiliates, it provides an opportunity to earn income by leveraging their audience and marketing skills to promote goods or services they believe in.

The Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem

Think about a big ecosystem where customers, affiliates, and businesses all live together. The affiliate ecosystem refers to the collaborative environment where various stakeholders – merchants, affiliate marketers (or publishers), affiliate networks, and customers – interact.

Merchants offer products or services to affiliate programs. Affiliate marketers then promote these offerings by creating content like blog posts or videos, and they direct potential customers through specialized affiliate links. When a consumer makes a purchase via one of these links, the affiliate earns a commission. Affiliate networks facilitate this process by providing a platform where merchants and affiliates can connect and manage their partnerships, track sales, and handle payouts. The ecosystem thrives on performance-based marketing and mutual benefit, driving online revenue for both merchants and affiliates.

Successful affiliate marketing requires a strategic blend of choosing the right partners, products, and promotional techniques to engage potential customers and drive conversions.

Affiliate networks – Affiliate Programs – Affiliate Partners – Affiliate Publishers

Affiliate networks act as intermediaries between merchants and publishers, providing a platform for merchants to offer their affiliate programs and for publishers to find products to promote. These networks handle tracking, reporting, and payment for affiliates, simplifying the process of affiliate marketing and expanding opportunities for both advertisers and content creators to monetize their online presence effectively.

The list of different Affiliate Networks/Affiliate Programs/Affiliate Partners/Affiliate Publishers are longer than most people can count – and all of them offer slightly different things – some has better rates, some has more products you can advertise, some offer programs targeted for a specific country and the list goes on!. So we made a short list of the most known programs as of 2023.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates stands as a leading destination for internet-based retail, making it highly likely that whatever item you seek, you’ll discover it on the Amazon platform.
Participants in the Amazon Associates program can earn commissions ranging from 1% to 10%, with the rate varying based on the product category of the purchased item. Apparel and high-end beauty goods represent some of the most lucrative categories to endorse as an Associate.

Amazon Associate Website

CJ Website

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate, previously recognized as Commission Junction, stands as a highly sought-after affiliate network, possessing 7.69% of the affiliate marketing industry’s market share.

A key advantage of engaging with CJ Affiliate is its diverse array of brand collaborations spanning various sectors like retail, travel, finance, as well as network and home services. At present, CJ collaborates with more than 3,800 brands, featuring well-known entities such as Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, J.Crew, and Blue Apron.

Awin Affliate

Awin affliate, has an intuitive control panel, an extensive network of affiliates, outstanding customer service, and a forward-thinking marketing strategy. This affiliate program is an excellent choice for beginners, offering numerous opportunities for collaboration with brands, and it’s consistently growing as more brands join the program daily.

Awin Website

Adtraction Website

Adtraction, is the leading affliate program/network in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. They have an easy to use control panel, and offers a wide vareity of brands and products to advertise.

Payment is always on time, and they have a friendly support always willing to help!


Daisycon, has thousands of merchants across various sectors make locating the ideal affiliate product effortless, irrespective of your niche. You’ll find some of the most recognizable brand partners, in this affliate program.

Upon becoming a member of the network, you must submit applications to the specific merchants you wish to partner with. Following approval, you will gain the capability to create affiliate links and monitor sales data through the Daiyson’s portal.

Daisycon Website

Pros and Cons of New vs Expired Domains

In order to navigate the complex world of affiliate marketing, it is necessary to carefully consider various factors. An important decision to make is whether to use new or expired domain names. The domain name you select can significantly impact the performance of your affiliate site, its search engine ranking, and overall success. When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using new domain vs an expired domains.

To help you easier to make an informed decision, we created and easily readable table – that shows the pros and cons of expired domains vs new domains below

New DomainExpired Domain
Google SandboxSubject to Google sandbox, may face initial restrictionsBypasses Google sandbox, offering a quicker indexing
Link JuiceStarts with no backlinks and requires time to buildInherits existing backlinks, providing an SEO advantage
Risk of PenaltiesSafe from historical penaltiesRequires careful analysis to avoid potential penalties
Time to RankLonger time to establish authorityImmediate boost in ranking with existing domain authority, if done correctly
Niche RelevanceFlexible choice for brand-buildingThrives when closely aligned with the affiliate site niche

Expired Domains, and affliate marketeer

Using expired domains in affiliate marketing can be a game-changer due to their established authority and traffic potential. These domains often come with a history and backlink profile that can enhance search engine rankings without the need to start from scratch. An expired domain may already have a loyal audience, which affiliate marketers can leverage to increase conversions for their products or services.
Once registered by people or organizations but now expired, these domains become accessible for re-registration by other parties. So people doing affiliate marketing will use a tool, like our domain robot – that track expired domains for over 30 different TLD’s – to quickly see newly expired domains, and buy them before anybody else has the chance.

Purchasing an expired domain can be beneficial as it may have existing traffic, backlinks, and SEO value, speeding up new website growth. It can carry authority, credibility, and establish a quick online presence among other things.

Leveraging Established Authority

Due to their past life, expired domains can carry SEO benefits, speeding up the process to achieve visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). The aged domain can bypass some of the time-consuming elements of SEO, providing quicker access to targeted traffic. Additionally, these domains can have a higher Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA), which are attractive to search engines – but it is important to mention that these metrics, is not values google use to rank sites, so they should only be used as a indication.

Inherited Link Juice

Using an expired domain can be a strategic move for SEO advantage due to its existing backlink profile, which could improve how fast search engine ranks your website. These domains often carry authority and trust built over time, which search engines recognize. Leveraging an expired domain’s ‘link juice’ can fast-track your website’s visibility, save link-building efforts, and potentially drive more organic traffic if done correctly.

Bypassing the Google Sandbox

Affiliate marketers who utilize expired domains bypass the waiting period associated with new domains – so you can start generating trafic for your website straight away. Coupled with the right monetization tactics, an expired domain in the hands of a savvy affiliate marketer can increase revenue potential significantly.

Strategy’s to take advantage of expired Domains in affiliate marketing

So let’s explore the tactics you can employ to harness the full potential of expired domains within your affiliate marketing strategy. Each approach uniquely enhances your site’s visibility, credibility, and overall performance. Consider employing these techniques judiciously to bolster the efficacy of your affiliate marketing endeavors.

Website reconstructionBuild your new affiliate site on an expired domain, leveraging its existing SEO value for rapid ranking and to get out of Google’s sandbox quickly.
Link Sourcing StrategyBuild a blog on an expired domain, and create blog posts, on already existing links on the expired domain – and harvest the link juice, by linking in the blog posts to your primary site.
Build a Private Blog Network (PBN)Building a Private Blog Network (PBN) can significantly boost your main website’s search engine ranking by creating a controlled set of high-authority backlinks
301 Redirect’sUsing a 301 redirect from an expired domain can transfer the previous domain’s SEO value to a new one, ensuring that any traffic will be redirected to your primary site.
Expired Domain FlippingExpired domain flipping can be lucrative as these domains often retain SEO benefits, have established traffic, and may come with a premade audience, making them valuable for businesses looking to improve their online visibility or enter new markets quickly.

Where to find expired domains

As we all know domain names frequently lapse, and the real good domain are often bought within minutes of expiring, because savvy affiliate entrepreneurs and webmasters want to capitalize on the expired domain established history and SEO status. So uncovering these digital gems requires knowing where to look in the vast expanse of the web. So we have dedicated the following to the various avenues and specialized tools that can help unearth these potentially valuable domains. From auction sites and domain marketplaces to backorder services and dedicated expired domain databases.

Domain name auction sites

Often people domain flippers will try to offload their valuable domains at sites like GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo and NameCheap Market so an easy place to find good domains are at these auction sites – but often these sites also has a huge disadvantage – most domains sold on these sites, are sold at an premium. Domain names sold at these auction sites, are often on them, because its good domain names – and will often have multiple people bidding on them. So when going to these sites, you need to be ready to pay an premium!

Domain Forums & SEO forums

Another maybe a little less known option is public forum, like Digital Point, reddit’s r/domains and all have places dedicated to sell domain names – often in an auction style like GoDaddy Auctions – but not as regulated as the Domain Auction sites mentioned above.

Expired Domain Databases

The cheapest and fastest way to find great expired domain names is often to look at expired domain databases like our own database of expired domains – currently having more than 20 million different expired domains, and more being added every day. Another option for a database like ours are – that also currently holds a large amount of domains, and more getting added every day!.
But these databases also have an disadvantage, because this are domains sold directly from the domain registrar, you have to be fast to get the good ones – or someone else will purchase them.