How to Get a Domain Name for Free, A Guide for Beginners

06-02-2024 - General, Guides

An introduction to our Guide on, How to get a Domain Name for Free

Navigating the online landscape can be daunting, especially when the first step often involves committing to a domain name with a price tag that may seem steep for beginners. This is where our guide on “How to Get a Domain Name for Free” comes into play. If you’re eager to establish your web presence but hesitant to invest in a costly domain name, our guide is tailored for your needs.

Understanding how to get a domain name free is the fiscal equivalent of a test drive, allowing you to explore the intricacies of having your own website without the initial financial outlay. We acknowledge that diving into the world of website management is a significant step, and opting for a free domain name serves as a solid foundation. Free domain names provide an accessible entry point, enabling you to learn the ropes, experiment with different site functionalities, and gain confidence as a site owner.

Our comprehensive blog post will walk you through the process of how to get a free domain name, ensuring that you won’t need a tech-savvy background to succeed. This means you can focus on the more creative aspects of building your online presence – and reveal the best practices to secure a reliable and reputable free domain.

What is a Free Domain Name

A free domain name is essentially an internet address that you can get without having to pay for it. Just like a physical address tells people where you live, a domain name directs visitors to your website. While most domain names are bought and sold, some companies offer them for free to help individuals and businesses establish an online presence. These free offerings may come with certain limitations or additional services you might need to use, but they allow you to create a recognizable spot for yourself on the web without an immediate cost.

How to Get a Domain Name for Free, A Guide for Beginners

Free vs Paid, Domain Names

Free domain names are often provided by hosting companies or domain registrars as part of a package. They allow you to get started without cost, which is particularly enticing if you’re testing the waters or launching a personal project. They often come with extensions that are less common than the traditional .com or .net, and they may include the provider’s name in the domain structure. On the flip side, paid domains offer a more professional touch with a wide variety of familiar extensions and the freedom to choose a custom, concise name that can enhance brand recall. They often impart greater legitimacy and don’t tie you to the specifications or branding of a particular service provider.

Making the right choice depends on your needs. If you’re learning how to get a domain name free, it’s likely due to budget constraints or the exploratory phase of your online venture. However, if you’re looking to build a long-term professional presence, a paid domain could be a valuable investment. Consider your goals, the nature of your website, and how you want your audience to perceive your online space when making your decision.

However ultimately we will STRONGLY recommend that anybody being serious about their online presence, eventually end up buying either a international TLD like .org/.net/.com or buying a geographical TLD – if you are catering to a certain country/language.

A List of The Best Free Domain Registrars

To save you the hassle of scouring the internet for these providers, we’ve compiled a list of reputable free domain registrars. These registrars have been selected for their user-friendly services and dependability. They offer a range of domain names at no cost and provide a setup that’s easy for anyone to navigate, even without technical expertise. It’s important to note that while the domain names are free, they might come with certain conditions or the offer of additional paid services. The upcoming table presents some of the most popular free domain TLDs (Top-Level Domains) available in 2024.

TLDMax QuantityIs Indexed?Supports IDNWebsite

The Problem with Free Domain Names

The big problem with securing a free domain name, is the fact that – even though you have a domain name – you still need to purchase a hosting package, from one of the many web hosting providers. Alternatively you can also self-host your website, but that is something that is far beyond most peoples technical knowledge – so in most cases, purchasing a hosting package is the only way to get web hosting

The reality is that a domain name without hosting is like owning a plot of land with no structure on it, you can claim ownership, but you cannot build anything on it for people to visit and use. In the digital space, web hosting is that foundational structure. It’s the service that allows your website to be accessed on the internet. Without it, your domain name is a mere placeholder, unable to house the content that turns it into an operational, accessible website.

Recognizing this essential relationship, many web hosting companies have begun to bundle services, offering a free domain name when you purchase one of their hosting packages. This might seem like an attractive deal – and often it is – but it’s important to remember that the value of this offer hinges on the quality and reliability of the hosting services provided.

Moreover, the term “free” can be somewhat misleading – in most cases, the domain name is free for the first year or as long as you maintain the hosting services with that particular company. This could mean that you’re tied to a hosting provider for a longer period if you don’t want to pay extra for your domain name after the initial period. So essentially in most cases, their is little to no reason, not just to purchase a web hosting package from one of the many major hosting providers – that also includes a domain name.

How to Get a Free Domain Name

But if you still choose to go down the route, of getting a free Domain Name, from one of the many TLD’s that offer that kind of service, below you can find a guide to our preferred free Domain name TLD –

Step 1 – Go to

To get a free domain name, start by going to – and click “Sign up” in the right corner

Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Create an free account

Step 2 – Create an free account

Now fill out all the required information, then press signup

Step 3 – To to your email and very the account

After pressing clicking the sign up, you wanna go check your email – for a verification link – click the link to verify your newly created account

Step 3 - To to your email and very the account

Step 4 - Login

Step 4 – Login

Now to back to, and login to your newly created account.

Step 5 – Press “Free Domain” on the dashboard

After logging in, you should now be redirected to the dashboard – in the bottom of this page, find and click “Free Domain”

Step 5 - Press Free domain on the dashboard

Step 6 - Find Available Domain

Step 6 – Find Available Domain

Now enter the domain name you want, and check if its available – since these free domains, works just like any of the domains you normally have to pay for – their is always a chance that the domain is not available. If that is the case, you can try another domain, to see if its available!

Step 7 – Claim your Domain

If the domain domain is available, a big green button with the text “Claim This Name” should appear – press it to, to start claiming the domain name

Step 7 - Claim your Domain

Step 8 - Click "Sign up and Setup DNS"

Step 8 – Click “Sign up and Setup DNS”

Before finally being able to claim the domain, you are showed all the registration information one last time – confirm that the information is correct and click the button that says “Sign up and Setup DNS”

Step 9 – Congratulation you got a free domain

Congratulation, you now have yourself a free domain name – you can now do whatever you want with it!

Step 9 - Congratulation you got a free domain