Can Domain Names Have Numbers?

30-12-2023 - Blogs, FAQ

Can Domain Names Have Numbers?

Navigating the digital realm involves many crucial decisions, one of which is determining the most suitable domain name for your website. This raises the question: can domain names have numbers? And the answer is a resounding yes – including numbers in domain names is a “strategy” used by many websites seeking to craft a distinct and memorable online identity.

Often the question of can you have numbers in a domain name comes from a desire to connect the your upcoming domain name to something significant – a date, an amount, or perhaps a play on words. Domain name syntax is surprisingly flexible but adheres to some foundational rules – that is set and controlled by ICANN, Looking back, in the earliest days of the internet domain names was chosen to allow only alphanumeric and hyphens, and this is the naming standard we still uses today.

The Role of Numbers in Domain Names Explained

Integrating numbers into domain names can serve various strategic purposes and play a role in brand identity. When it comes to the question of whether can domain names have numbers, and it’s important to understand how this aspect of domain nomenclature can be tailored to fit different objectives.

Numbers in domain names offer a level of uniqueness that can differentiate a brand in a crowded online marketplace. For businesses that are named after a particular year or number, having digits in their domain name becomes a direct reflection of their brand’s story or legacy.

When pondering, can you have numbers in a domain name, one might also consider the stylistic and mnemonic benefits. Numbers can make a domain name more memorable, especially when they align with a brand’s marketing strategy or tagline. They’re also a clever workaround when the desired domain is unavailable in its letter-only form.

However, the use of numbers in domain names should be approached with deliberation. Overcomplicating a domain with irrelevant or excessively long numbers can backfire by making it hard to remember or prone to input errors. A balanced approach, wherein numbers enhance rather than confuse, will ensure that the domain remains accessible and effective.

Can Domain Names Have Numbers

Example of The Best Domain Names with Numbers

The digital realm is dotted with success stories that illustrate just how effective can domain names have numbers be when used strategically. Below, we delve into examples of domain names that have successfully harnessed the power of numerics, encapsulating their essence in a series of digits or cleverly spelled out numbers – these examples illustrate how numbers can be much more than mere placeholders; they can be central to a brand’s online persona.

1-800-Flowers – a Florist and gift retailer – successfully integrated its toll-free phone number into its domain, offering a prime example of numbers strengthening brand recall. The use of ‘1800’ immediately signals customer service and accessibility, a clever move that transforms a simple call-to-action into a well-established online destination.

99designs As a global creative platform, 99designs uses numbers to highlight variety and abundance in their marketplace. The ’99’ conveys the idea of multiple design options, appealing to clients seeking diverse and plentiful creative solutions. The numerical brand name translates seamlessly into their domain, enhancing brand consistency.

7-Eleven The iconic convenience store chain 7-Eleven carries its numerical brand directly into its domain name. The ‘7’ and ’11’ famously represent the original store hours and have become a foundational aspect of the brand’s identity. Their domain name, which matches their brand name exactly, is easy to recall and instantly recognizable.

23andme, a personal genomics and biotechnology company that integrates a significant number into its domain name and brand name – indicative of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes. The number in their domain name communicates the scientific and personal nature of their service, offering DNA insights to customers seeking a deeper understanding of their genetics., a Chinese video-sharing site, paralleling YouTube, effectively uses a simple, short numeric domain name. The number ’56’ is found to have positive connotations in China, resembling a phrase that signifies ‘wealth will flow.’ This catchy, easy-to-remember name has undoubtedly contributed to the site’s memorability and success within the Chinese-speaking market., with roots in photography, 500px represents the idea of a perfect 500-pixel-wide image, which, at the time of the website’s inception, was a standard for high-quality images online. The ‘px’ in the domain informs users that the site has something to do with pixels and, by extension, photography. This number-focused domain succinctly conveys the website’s commitment to “high-resolution” imagery and has become a hub for professional and amateur photographers alike.

So Should You Use Numbers in Domain Names?

When contemplating the incorporation of numbers in domain names, a question influences the decision-making process: Can domain names have numbers that add value and clarity rather than complexity? The answer lies in the context and intention behind the numerical choice. While domain names are flexible enough to include numbers, it is paramount to consider whether they align with your brand’s identity and communication goals.

Suppose you’re deciding, are numbers allowed in domain names for my specific brand or project? It is true that registration policies do not restrict numerical inclusion, but this doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right choice for everyone. The decision to use numbers should be driven by its potential to make the domain more memorable, to spell out a significant aspect of your business, or perhaps to convey a sense of innovation or uniqueness.

To decide if you should, try to think like your target audience: Will they easily understand and recall the numbers? Did you choose a number for its brand significance or a clever play on words that resonates with your customers? If the presence of numbers might cause confusion or make the domain harder to remember, it may be advisable to reconsider their use. Addressing the question, can domain names have numbers for the purpose of SEO, requires a thoughtful approach. While numbers don’t inherently harm SEO, readability and relevance continue to play critical roles in search engine algorithms. A numeric domain should complement these factors, not work against them.

Deciding whether to integrate numbers into your domain name boils down to a simple ethos: if it serves a clear purpose and enhances your brand story, it can be an astute and impactful choice. If, on the other hand, it could dilute your message or complicate your users’ experience, it might be wise to stick with a more straightforward approach to your domain naming strategy.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Selecting the perfect domain name for your online presence is akin to choosing the cornerstone for your brand’s digital foundation. It’s essentially the first thing potential visitors encounter, and as such, it should be captivating, easy to recall, and reflective of your brand’s essence. When embarking on this crucial task, there are several key factors to keep in mind that transcend the technicalities and tap into the very beat of your business’s heart.

Navigating through this choice need not be a solitary journey. For an in-depth exploration of this topic, you can refer to our comprehensive post, “The Best Tips to Choosing Good Domain Names” which offers valuable insights into crafting a name that resonates with both your brand and your audience. Additionally, if you’re looking for inspiration or wish to capitalize on existing brand recognition, our curated list of expired domain names is an excellent resource to uncover hidden gems that may align perfectly with your vision.