The Best Tips to Choosing Good Domain Names

28-08-2023 - Blogs

Introduction to Good Domain Names

We have previously dived into what a domain is – so if you are completely up to date with what a domain is, you can find out more here.

One of the hardest part of starting new websites is choosing good domain names – because not only is it the gateway to your new website. But it also reflects your brand and image, so choosing a good domain name, is one of the most important steps when starting a new website

Picking the a good domain name isn’t just about finding something that sounds good. It’s about picking a name that’s easy to remember and reflects your brand. It’s the first thing people will notice about your online business, so it needs to make a great impression.

Whether you’re starting a new venture online or trying to reach a wider audience, the perfect domain name can help you to succeed – it’s a simple but powerful way to show the world who you are and what you’re about.

In this blog, we’re focused on helping you make sense of how to select the ideal domain name. Think of this space as a step-by-step guide designed to support you through the decision-making process. We’ll provide simple and actionable advice to assist you in picking a domain name that accurately represents your brand and appeals to your target audience.

Whether you’re just starting your online venture or thinking about rebranding, this blog will provide the insights you need. We’re here to help clarify the process and ensure you are well-informed when you choosing good domain names that will help you attract and retain customers.

The best tips to choosing Good Domain Names

The Anatomy of a Good Website Domain Names

When diving into the criteria that make a domain name ‘good’, it’s crucial to understand its various components and how they affect your brand’s online presence. A good website domain names is more than just a catchy phrase – it’s a strategic choice that can have lasting impact on your success in the digital realm.

Simplicity is Key

A good domain name should be easy to remember and straightforward to type – and consider avoiding complex spellings and opt for a name that rolls off the tongue. By keeping it simple, you are ensuring that your visitors won’t struggle to find your site due to a hard-to-spell or overly complicated name.

Brand ability Over Generic

Your domain name is an ambassador for your brand’s identity – so it’s important to select a name that resonates with your brand and is capable of standing out among competitors. Avoid generic terms that lack distinctiveness. A brandable domain often includes unique naming conventions that are not only memorable but also evoke a certain feeling or association with your product or service.

Use Proper Domain Extensions

While .com is the gold standard of domain extensions, it’s not the only one out there. Depending on your business or organization, a .net, .org, or a more specific extension like .io (popular with tech companies) or .shop (for eCommerce) might be more suitable. However, consider that users often default to .com, so it should be your first choice if it’s available and relevant.

Make It Intuitive

Good website domain names gives users a clear idea of what the website is about. If a user can look at your domain name and have a strong understanding of the service or product you provide, you’ve chosen well. The name should reflect your business’s goals, values, or mission in a way that is obvious to newcomers.

Remember, your domain name sets the tone for your brand’s online presence. By crafting a domain name with these qualities in mind, you position your website for greater visibility, memorability, and overall brand strength.

Shorter is Better

The fewer the characters in your domain name, the better – not only is a shorter name easier to remember and type, but it reduces the risk of mistyping. Aim for around 6-14 characters – long enough to convey your brand but short enough to remain user-friendly – but the shorter you can make the better.

Incorporate Keywords Strategically

Incorporating keywords related to your business can help with SEO and make your domain name descriptive. For example, if you’re in the business of selling eyeglasses, ‘vision’ or ‘glasses’ could serve as effective keywords. However, shoehorning in generic keywords can make your domain sound bland, so use them judiciously.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Hyphens and numbers can cause confusion. People may forget the hyphen or misplace it, and numbers can be mixed up with their word counterparts (e.g., ‘4’ versus ‘four’). Whenever possible, stick to letters alone to avoid potential traffic loss.

Reflect Your Locale

If your business is localized, consider including your city or region within your domain name to capture local traffic. This can also make your website more relevant to local customers searching for the services you offer in their area. For example, ‘’ immediately tells a user what the business is and where it operates.

Good Domain Names Examples, Learning from the Best

Selecting the right domain name is an art that combines creativity with strategic thinking. Good domain names have the power to significantly influence user perception and brand recall. To get a clearer picture of what makes a domain name resonate with audiences, let’s explore some good domain names examples and delve into the insights they provide on how to pick a good domain name and choose a good domain name for your own brand. When we think of internet giants like Google, Amazon, and Netflix, it’s clear that their domain names play a significant role in their brand identity. Each is a concise, unique, and memorable name that has contributed to their iconic status in the digital world.

Classic Examples

Originating from the word ‘googol,’ which represents a large number (1 followed by 100 zeros), Google denotes the vast amount of information the search engine handles. Its simplicity and originality make it an ideal domain name.

Named after the largest river in the world, Amazon reflects the company’s mission to be the largest and most comprehensive retailer. The name also implies a sense of adventure and exploration.

A portmanteau of ‘internet’ and ‘flicks’ (a colloquial term for movies), Netflix clearly indicates its core business of online movie and TV streaming

This famous music streaming service employs a blend of “spot” and “identify,” suggesting users can find (or spot) and identify music they love.

Short for “Air Bed and Breakfast,” Airbnb tells users right in its name that they can find alternative, homely lodging solutions.

An intuitive name for a cloud storage service, Dropbox suggests a place where users can ‘drop’ their files for safekeeping and easy access.

How to Pick a Good Domain Name, Modern Successes

The best way to ensure you’re on the right path is to benchmark your domain name ideas against these good domain names examples – think about what these names say about the brands they represent and how they use linguistic tricks to make the name more impactful. This helps you to refine your approach on how to pick a good domain name that’s both creative and strategic.

Consequently, a major part of learning how to choose a good domain name is by observing and analyzing the greats. They provide a pathway paved with proven principles of successful branding and memorability. Take a cue from these champions in the domain game, and you can carve out a virtual space for your brand that’s just as effective and resonant.

Find inspiration – by looking at available domains lists

It can be difficult to come up with a good domain name, and when you finally find it – you will often find that it is already taken. Therefore, it is useful to look at lists of domains that have previously been registered, but are no longer owned by anyone.
We have on our page “available domains”, for many years we have collected expiring domain names, and gradually have a list of over 2 million available domains – which right now!, are ready for your new website. So I wonder if we also have what you are missing.

Discovering Potential in Expired Domain Lists

Expired domain lists are a treasure trove for those seeking to pick a domain name with a history and potentially established SEO benefits. These lists contain names that were once registered but not renewed. By choosing from these, you could leverage their previous traffic and credibility for your new website. It’s a smart way to jumpstart your online presence. You can start exploring options right away by checking out an Expired Domain List here.

Utilizing Domain Name Generators for Creative Ideas

When you’re brainstorming to pick a good domain name, domain name generators can be incredibly helpful tools. They provide instant suggestions based on keywords and themes relevant to your brand. This automated process alleviates the stress of coming up with ideas from scratch and often delivers a wide range of creative and available options. Kickstart your domain search with fresh, innovative ideas by visiting a Domain Name Generator.