Secure your website with the Free Cloudflare Bot Fight Mode

27-12-2023 - Cloudflare, Guides

Introduction to the Cloudflare Bot Fight Mode

In today’s digital landscape, website security stands as a paramount concern for online entities. One effective way to address this is through the utilization of Cloudflare bot fight, a feature that strengthens your site’s defenses against the ever-evolving threats posed by malicious bots. When you enable Cloudflare bot fight mode, you’re taking a proactive stance in the bot management battle, protecting your domain from automated threats that can cause harm to both your website’s functionality and its reputation.

Cloudflare’s bot management tools are designed to be seamless yet powerful, offering a shield against the intrusive activities of bots without disrupting the user experience for legitimate visitors. Implementing Cloudflare bot protection is a prudent decision that goes a long way towards maintaining the integrity and performance of your online platform. With Cloudflare bot fight mode, you get invaluable peace of mind, knowing that your website is secured using advanced algorithms and threat intelligence to distinguish between beneficial and harmful bots. This free tool is not only accessible but also immensely effective, providing you with the first line of defense in safeguarding your website against the complex challenges posed by malicious automated traffic.

What is Cloudflare Bot Fight Mode

Cloudflare bot fight mode is an integral part of the Cloudflare bot management system designed to identify and mitigate the ill effects of malicious bot traffic. This feature plays a crucial role in maintaining the security and efficiency of your website. When activated, the Cloudflare bot fight mode scrutinizes visitor traffic to distinguish between legitimate users and potential threats posed by bots – by leveraging advanced detection methods, it ensures that your site’s interactions are authentic.

The intention behind Cloudflare bot fight is to offer website administrators a user-friendly tool that operates seamlessly in the background while offering robust protection against a variety of automated attacks. This involves aggressive challenges to suspicious visitors, effectively filtering out unwanted bot traffic that could otherwise lead to compromised security or degraded performance. By integrating the Cloudflare bot protection, you’re not just defending your website against spam and cyber threats; you’re also ensuring that legitimate traffic experiences minimal disruption. Cloudflare’s technology works in real time, adapting to new threats as they evolve, thus ensuring that your site benefits from proactive defense mechanisms.

How to Setup Cloudflare Bot Fight Mode

Implementing Cloudflare Bot Fight Mode can significantly bolster your website’s defense against automated threats. This introduction paves the way for a detailed guide that will walk you through the process of setting up Bot Fight Mode. By activating this feature, you can deter malicious bots from disrupting your site’s operation and protect your valuable online assets. The following instructions will provide clarity on how to enable Bot Fight Mode through your Cloudflare account for enhanced security.

(Step 0 – Setup Cloudflare as your domains DNS)

If your domain is currently not using the Cloudflare DNS – we have made an easy to follow guide, you can find here: “how to setup cloudflare with your domain“.

If your site is already active on Cloudflare, proceed to step 1

Step 0 - Setup cloudflare as your DNS

Step 1 - Visit

Step 1 – Go to

Open your web browser – and visit
When you are on cloudflares homdepage, you press the “log in” button in the right corner

Step 2 – Log in to Cloudflare

On the login form fill out the email and password for your Cloudflare account – then press the “Log in” button

Step 2 - Log in to Cloudflare

Step 3 - Select your domain

Step 3 – Go to your Domain Dashboard

Once in your Cloudflare Dashboard, find your domain – and click it it.

Step 4 – Go to Security Bot Page

In the left most navigation panel, go to the menu Security, press – and then find the Sub menu “Bots” and click it

Step 4 - Go to Security Bot Page

Step 5 - Enable bot fight mode

Step 5 – Enable bot fight mode

You should now be on the Security Bot page – here you should see a button you can toggle on/off. By default Bot fight mode is disabled, press once on it, to enable it.

Step 6 – Cloudflare bot fight mode is now enabled

Congratulation, you have now enabled Cloudflare’s bot fight mode, meaning that Cloudflare will try prevent as many bots from accessing your website as possible.

For 95% of all websites the free tier is more than fine, but if you want better control and better statistic over bot prevention – you might wanna look upgrading your Cloudflare plan, to access “Super Bot Fight Mode”

BUT wait! since it might not be obvious to everybody – using Cloudflares Bot Fight mode, only work if you use the cloudflare proxy IP’s aswell. But this should be something everybody using Cloudflare should do by default, but in case does not already use this, and you dont know how to turn on Cloudflare proxies – we made a guide to help you – “How to turn on Cloudflare proxies

Step 6 - Cloudflare bot fight mode is now enabled

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